‘Games for Seva’ is a pioneering YICG initiative to harness the immense creativity and talent of our youth and adults to develop Vedic Theme based games, resources and tools, both in the digital and analog spheres. The spirit of Seva guides the endeavor – all work with Compassion, Contribution and Collaboration. These products provide immense opportunities for Seva through game play, teaching and sharing the Vedic Heritage with people all over the world.

Vedic Themes draws from Puranas, Itihasas, Folklore, Vedas, Upanishads & Bhagavad Gita. It includes elements of history, cultures and geography.These opportunities blend the need to develop Vedic Youth & Adult Leaders in an environment that rewards creativity, cooperation, communication and technology. These are all 21st century needs and drives.

These Games are prototyped and tested at YICG, in our classes, events and special workshops. These are meant to be used  within the Vedic Curriculum at all levels. Any youth willing to work on a project with consistent time commitment is provided with the tools and opportunity to participate.

Special projects are developed for Juniors and Seniors in High School as their schedules are very demanding. They are also at the stage of being able to contribute in a meaningful manner for projects that require more mature work habits and self direction.

Youth able to commit consistent time and take up responsibility for projects are mentored as ‘Game Design Associates’ for YICG Games for Seva. At this point they become eligible to receive the YICG Annual Spirit Awards. We have a Junior Design Associate track for younger youth. Participating youth attend at least one Game Conference a year. The products developed will be available to the general public, when they are ready to be marketed. This website is a major portal to showcase the Platform and the Protocols developed for all stages of Game Design.