avatar for Aadya BagulAadya Bagul

Aadya Bagul could be considered a Quantum person, sometimes with the creative gentleness of a wave and sometimes with the diamond precision of a particle. It is hard to pin her down as she could be in many places at the same time. You can see why she is just awesome at game design and we are holding on tight to her.

avatar for Aarya AgarwalAarya Agarwal

Aarya sees no wrong in all our crazy adventures. He can be counted upon to agree with most deadlines, deliverables and imponderables. If in doubt about the feasibility of a project, he will always say it is perfectly possible with 48 hours of non-stop work. Most of the team members then promptly fall asleep while he cheerily fulfills his private marathon race. We are happy to stock up on melatonin to help him out.

avatar for Aayush BagulAayush Bagul

Aayush is an ace trend spotter, has an eye for design themes and a part of his brain is a dedicated symphonic ensemble. He can be trusted to have a considered opinion on most topics and he does take appointments for private consultations. We have managed to hold on to him, mainly due to his extreme commitment to Seva and Gaming.

avatar for Abhinuv AlluAbhinuv Allu

Abhinuv Allu loves to incinerate, mostly problems, systems and definitely game rules. He has a wicked streak which will prevent him from sharing all ways to solve a problem just in case he needs a weapon for survival. You may experience deep anxiety playing a game with him as you are never sure if he is a friend or foe. And this is why we absolutely want him at Games for Seva.

avatar for adminadmin

Somebody has to make sure things work and clean up after the midnight game jam sessions. Its a tough job and fairly unappreciated but we are in this for the deep inner peace that comes from doing for doing's sake.

avatar for Amita ShahAmita Shah

Amita is the mysterious magician on our team. She applies ancient principles of alchemy to convert binary digits into color, texture, shape and form. She dreams about an Adobe journey when she can telepathically convert her amazing ideas into holographic games. Her design themes occupy our artistic space most of the time. Other times we are in full prostration to her, appreciating her creativity, kindness and large scale sense of humor.

avatar for Diya ShahDiya Shah

Diya was born with a camera in her brain. Consequently she has the incredible ability to see many textures and shades that the normal human eye cannot record. She does try to teach us the fine art of discerning fact from fiction, going to great expository lengths to dispel any clouds of ignorance. We in turn have convinced her to take responsibility for all knowledge. Outsourcing works for us.

avatar for Esha SharmaEsha Sharma

Esha is a technophile born in the year 2525 but somehow manages a separate avatar in this timezone. She has been known to develop digital games, draw amazing art, playtest every game that comes her way, all while standing on one foot. Her prodigious talents never cease to amaze us while we wipe the sweat off the proverbial brow after mowing the astroturf in the office. Our side job is to cheer her on as she completes every imagined challenge.

avatar for Granth JainGranth Jain

Granth is a noble warrior, dedicated to improving the lot of digital know nothings. He always has a trick up his sleeve, accumulated over years of assiduous learning on topics most people would furiously avoid, for fear of neural circuitry overload. He treads fearlessly for our common good, creating games before we can even dream abut them. And he knows what it feels like when we say 'so near yet so far'. We savor his awesome ingenuity as a vital team member.

avatar for Haarika ReddyHaarika Reddy

Haarika is a sophomore at Case Western who believes that the best way to prepare for writing blogs is to make sure there is a steady supply of coffee and bagels. She also hopes that all that editing of GfS work by high schools students leads to extremely good karma. We are truly lucky to have her on the team!

avatar for Japesh ShahJapesh Shah

Japesh was probably a tectonic plate destroyer at one point. He has the incredible ability to bore underneath a mountain of possibilities, find the one true path for himself and then dedicate his efforts to creating a tsunami tidal wave, all with a casual smile. We are overjoyed with the after effects of his game development work, riding his wave to success.

avatar for Khushi ShahKhushi Shah

Khushi is a writer, artist, dreamer and resident storyteller. She specializes in the long form narrative, making sure that we are awash in the adventure stardust of our games. She can spot nuances hidden in the dark recesses of our hoary history. Basically nothing is unknown to her and we rely on her story bank to supplement our frequent memory losses. In the spirit of full disclosure, we are also considering converting all our credit cards to her name.

avatar for Krish PamnaniKrish Pamnani

Krish may have discovered the secret to eternal youth. We suspect that is the reason behind his ingenious ability to discover joyful, playful and prankster solutions to the mighty issues facing us. If solving a problem is way above our ability as functioning sentient beings we turn to him for showing us the path to a fresh way of turning it inside out. We are super thankful to instantly connect with inner peace when he appears at our game studio with his sudden, sharp, indelible solutions, particularly at a decibel level suited for a different species.

avatar for Maanuv AlluMaanuv Allu

Maanuv Allu would be your typical rockstar who aspires to demolish all who come in his way. This could be via a verbal duel, a silent prank, a 12 page thesis, or the old fashioned generous dose of arsenic. Once in a while he redeems himself through extreme acts of kindness and disarms the opposition. All past crimes are immediately forgiven and we go back to following his instructions to the letter. Hard to admit but he is usually right.

avatar for Madhu CherukuriMadhu Cherukuri

Madhu Cherukuri has the cool factor in abundance. Every now and then she may scream her lungs out in exasperation but most of the time it is the embodiment of efficiency, logistical planning and futuristic thinking that prevails. Some people suspect she may be a vampire but we are thrilled Seva is in her blood.

avatar for Mansi VohraMansi Vohra

Mansi Vohra loves words, in all shapes, sizes and smells. When asked what is her passion, do not be surprised if she says 'editing'. A recent MRI did reveal a strange alphabet amalgamation in her brain neuro-circuitry. Since thought and phrases emerge at a very fast clip, we do appreciate the quality time she has for us at Games for Seva. A few minutes go a very long way.

avatar for Neeya ShettyNeeya Shetty

Neeya is extremely fond of artistic sculptures and her eye for Indian representations is unsurpassed. Once she has that perfect idea all barriers tend to fall like dominoes. Ancient symbols collide with modern art to produce a dimension that usually has us hanging by our fingernails, wondering if the game will sink. And then she reels the game in with her unerring eye for adventurous detail. Time and again, the cycle repeats, and we just do not want to let go of her.

avatar for Pranati PatnamPranati Patnam

Pranati has incredible staying power on any game she works on. Her persistence is that of a great city power grid with backup circuitry. She can take on multiple, non linear game paths and bring it to a dramatic end. We work hard at keeping up with her by posing incredibly difficult challenges. And then we rest with a chai latte while she cracks the code.

avatar for Pranav KrishnamurthyPranav Krishnamurthy

Pranav is a born optimist and he does share that spirit with all who have the good fortune to run into him. Occasionally we may have to climb up a tree to catch him before the cloud cover gets him. This helps us stay very athletically nimble so that we can keep up with him. We are infinitely grateful for all the silver linings he provides.

avatar for Rajat ShahRajat Shah

Rajat holds a vast array of creative forces that tend to bounce in a zigzag fashion, inevitably landing on that perfect spot. It may appear that he has a Zen like calm about him. That is usually before he erupts into a frenzied burst of genius, giving us all a renewed perspective on the ‘calm before the storm’. We completely rely on his tangential, warp speed, alternate universe bending mind to stay the course and deliver on our Game Dev goals.

avatar for Rathi RajaRathi Raja

Rathi Raja is a pioneering teacher, always looking for ways to connect and make a difference. Her journey has led her to the spirit of service in creating games that have an impact, exploring Vedic wisdom in innovative ways. Sometimes she is plagued by self doubt on the future of Vedic teaching but her inner child has kicked in with the sureness that Games is the way to go. The rest is history.

avatar for Rhea SharmaRhea Sharma

As conspiracy theories go, Rhea does have a cache of them to guide her in designing devious plots to wholesome activities. Most folks would surrender to the straight and narrow while she is able to look around corners, see shadows in bright sunlight and burn the proverbial bridge when she works on our games. Her design fingerprints are a valued resource and we lock them up in our underground vault daily as a precautionary measure.

avatar for Saniya GaitondeSaniya Gaitonde

Saniya is our own laser sword, slaying asuras and making sure we do not leave a trail of half eaten games. She loves to complete everything in a perfect manner and holds all of us to a high standard. Her enthusiasm keeps us on our toes, into the late hours of game design, while we make sure there are plenty of game knots that only she can unravel.

avatar for Sanjna KediaSanjna Kedia

It is not often that the tensile strength of tungsten takes human form but we are privileged to see that in Sanjna. The midnight game design cleanup crew that works overtime to finish the rules and artwork has a tendency to transmute into pale ghosts while she burns the fire right back in. There is no escaping her fury at damp playtesting as she wears her diamond studded galoshes to wade through the mud, recovering the dignity of our games from the depths of despair.

avatar for Sudha AnandSudha Anand

Sudha loves connecting the dots, especially ones that are secret, and need to be hacked open. Her ability to find a fresh perspective has us playing a guessing game most of the time. Being ahead of the curve in mysterious ways could be a burden at times and we have noticed that her solace sometimes lies in drinking a mean rasam. And we completely enjoy playing hide and go seek with her.

avatar for Tanya ShahTanya Shah

Tanya knows how hard it is to get things done just right. No corners to be shaved off, no triangles to be straightened out. If the path less traveled has complex convolutions, she will be on it, bike helmet and all. We trust her to show us the long and correct way, while she waves her cheery goodbyes to the passing shortcut.

avatar for Tulsi KantuTulsi Kantu

Tulsi never gives up once she decides on the merits of an action. And she makes sure her positivity infects you instantly so that you agree with all her ideas, despite serious reservations. We may also blindly leap off a cliff for one of her brilliant game concepts knowing that she will have her team waiting to rescue us, with medicinal chocolate brownies handy.

avatar for Vijay AnandVijay Anand

Vijay is a very quick learner. He has learned to say no to unreasonable demands made by our development team, with a cheery smile, leading to a complete dismantling of the original plan. His incredible ability to disappear into thin smoke makes him 'The Most Hunted One' on our team.

avatar for Vishwanath MadhavanVishwanath Madhavan

Vishy leaves no stone unturned in his pursuit of Life, Liberty, Happiness and Game development. He can be trusted to be unnerved by the usual distractions of people, places and things, while he, single mindedly, wipes out hinderances to his creative work. Occasionally we have to make sure he gets food, water and air since he forgets all about them, ensconced in the super cozy space nexus of computer, keyboard and chair.

avatar for Yash PatelYash Patel

Yash makes sure he is always in multiple universes at the same time. This helps him always have an alibi for any infraction committed in his vicinity. He can, very softly and with determined poise, convince you of his innocence, especially if you show any signs of doubt and confusion. This explains why we love to have him right at the front, answering all questions, dealing with provocations and creating happiness bubbles.