Bal Vihar ReachOut

The many contributors to our Games with Rathi Raja!

If you teach in a community Bal Vihar, at home or in a public space for over 5 years, you are eligible to participate in our Games for Seva ReachOut Program. We will make available to you all our games, both on the market and in prototype for you to use in your teaching program. These games are amazing tools to foster community and family through innovative methods.There is a limited supply so please contact at the earliest. Open to any part of the world!

You can also organize special Play fundraising events for your Bal Vihar. Nothing like some Collaborative play that illuminates and inspires further learning of our rich heritage, a storehouse of wisdom for our times.

Check out this website for all the details by game.

If you have an idea or a teaching goal and would like to explore game development, send us an email. We could build on a collaborative idea.

Please share any play notes and suggestions with us to improve the games. Any new ideas and creative uses is strongly encouraged.

You can contribute any tools and games you develop to us. We will make them available to the public through this website portal, after review and appropriate changes. They can then be available to Bal Vihars everywhere. The exact format for submission will be discussed personally.

Please contact us at Also check out our Team!