Clash of Dynasties

Clash Of Dynasties~Mahabharata Edition

A Clash of Dynasties in the Mahabharata ~ Can you WIN?

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All the dynasties in India have gathered as the Kurukshetra War is about to begin. The Pandavas, having been wrongfully denied the throne, called their allies in order to seize the throne from the Kauravas. You, Veda Vyasa, are a respected and revered sage who is one of the all-knowing Chiranjivins. With your profound knowledge, you realize that this war will bring nothing but death and you do everything in your power to prevent it. Travel throughout all the war camps convincing warriors to step down and not fight. Use your wide influence to persuade warriors to choose peace over war. In order to succeed, use your stealth to devise a strategy and convince the dynasties to stop the war.

Purpose: During a game of Clash of Dynasties: Mahabharata Edition, the players take turns controlling Veda Vyasa. The players move Vyasa with the goal of collecting warrior cards, allies, and dynasty flags. Collect the most dynasty flags to win the game.




Game Concept and Development: Maanuv Allu & Rathi Raja

Card Content & Quote compilation: Maanuv Allu

Rules : Maanuv Allu

Card Art Design: Pranathi Patnam & Saniya Gaitonde

Play Testing: Maanuv Allu, Abhinuv Allu, Krish Pamnani, Pranathi Patnam, Saniya Gaitonde, Neeya Shetty, Vishy Madhavan, Japesh Shah, Aarya Agarwal

Product Development & Coordinator: Madhu Allu

Clash of Dynasties~Mahabharata Edition is a product of Games for Seva, a project under Young Indian Culture Group, Inc – a 501(c)3 not-for-profit entity. Check for play variants and ideas! ©Young Indian Culture Group, Inc. 2019