Game Design Associates

Diya Shah

Creativity runs through my veins along with caffeine from all the coffee that I drink so naturally I had to join a class intended to create games. As a student at The Wheatley School, I have discovered that culture is a crucial part of all our lives. It is simple to neglect one’s culture and their background so my incredible team and I have made it our duty to produce games that involve aspects of our culture and make learning pleasurable. By combining the values that we learn in Vedic and our acquired knowledge of creating games, we have been able to produce games rich with values and lessons that can be applied to our daily lives. Games for Seva has taught me marketing skills, production skills, collaboration skills, and the true meaning of “never give up.” Long hours of diligent work, frustrating moments, and unsuccessful ideas have taught me to be patient and showed me how to thrive in stressful situations. The best part about Games For Seva (besides Rati Aunty’s Kit Kats) is seeing a simple post-it note idea turning into a finished product and witnessing people playing our games, enjoying themselves, and learning critical values. Because of Games For Seva, I have made it a personal goal to spend my life immersed in community service.

Maanuv Allu

As a student at Syosset High School, many of my academic interests lie in the tension between the ancient and the modern. For me, they are ways of engaging with the past in the present. I am actively decoding the ancient world through classics, epics and mythologies. Games for Seva helps me connect with my Indian heritage and build creative design-thinking skills. It inspires me to be a social innovator who aspires to bring about real-world change through games. I enjoy making games that center around contemplating contemporary issues and sparking discussions – something we are always working towards at GFS. I thrive in the creative process of game design and development at GFS where we are able to use vedic values, philosophy and wisdom to educate the youth in a meaningful way while keeping them entertained and excited to learn more. 

Neeya Shetty

I am currently a junior at Half Hollow Hills High School East. I am the congressional debate captain at my school and I have been practicing Bharatnatyam and Odissi (classical Indian dances) since I was in first grade. Games for Seva has given me the tools to educate others about my Indian culture. It makes me consider many factors that go into making a game, such as how it educates and/or entertains both adults and children. As I am contributing to the game-making process, my goal is to encourage finding solutions to real-world problems. Our game in the works, Equality, encourages players to think about sexism in the status quo and encourages them to come up with ways to address such problems.

Rajat Shah

As a person who perseveres to improve society and has a keen interest in politics and business, I do everything I can to spread valuable morals. Armed with boundless imagination, I take advantage of every opportunity I get to let my creativity run free. Games for Seva gives me the opportunity to spread the Indian values that I grew up with through the power of games.  Building each game is a very rewarding experience because I get to increase my knowledge of the values and in the end, I know that my work will impact others and allow them to learn the same values in a fun and interactive way.

Suchir Misra

 As an aspiring physician-scientist, the “service” and “science” components of Games for Seva (GFS) resonated with me. By adopting a “play and learn” approach, the games that we create at GFS pave the way for keeping the Vedic culture and heritage alive for future generations. Through the process of creating new Vedic games at GFS, I was able to explore aspects of Indian mythology in greater depth and enjoyed learning the complex science of game design and development. The best part however was the collaboration and teamwork – we navigated the world of game development as a team, learning, strategizing and using our collective strengths towards achieving our goals. Every game brought its unique set of challenges and it’s been exciting seeing them come to life. I hope that through these games we have been able to share a glimpse of Indian culture and heritage with the rest of the world.

Tulsi Kantu

I am a Manhasset High School student who is enthusiastic about learning and using my creativity to enhance whatever project I may be working on. I believe in working hard to achieve my goals and have followed this philosophy throughout my school life and through my extracurricular activities, some of which being dance and and school clubs. Through this program, I have been immersed in my Indian heritage while also participating in something unique and passionate. I have additionally improved in skills such as teamwork and created strong friendships with people who play different roles in the success of our program. Each creation of a game involves thousands of drafts and edits to perfect the details of the project, and although it is time consuming, the end result is always rewarding. This program has developed me as a person and shown me the deeper aspects of the Hindu religion.

Vishwanath Madhavan

I’m a class of 2020 student at Commack High School. Throughout high school, I’ve earned various awards for leadership, academics, athletics, research, and mock trial. Since I was little, I’ve dreamed of serving in the military and benefitting the communities which I’m a part of. Games for Seva was an amazing experience. Not only is the environment extraordinary with excellent peers, but there is a strong support system. Everyone pitches into each project even if they aren’t assigned to it in some way, as a tester, brainstormer, artist, developer or any other way that’s needed. In Games For Seva, we were presented with the challenge of creating and developing games to share the beliefs of Vedic Heritage with everyone. Through games of various mediums, we were able to create playable games that were not only enjoyable, but also educational with their prevalent meanings and lessons taught through gameplay. Throughout high school, Games For Seva had been a beneficial experience for me by enabling me to have fun and apply my knowledge and skills for an interesting, challenging and unique task. With the stresses of high school, research and life, Games For Seva provided an escape from all that, while still doing good things for my community.

Aadya Bagul

I believe in the power of imagination to solve our problems, despite the overwhelming crush of the news cycle and world events. Being a high school senior at Herricks school district in Long Island, I have had an intense perspective on the issues of animal rights, race, religion, and social justice. My passion is to support and defend the causes of creatures that have no voice. I see Games for Seva as a pathway to bringing awareness to deep societal problems in an entertaining and enlightening manner.


Abhinuv Allu

You will find me as the type of person who is tinkering with stuff and curious to find the devilish details behind their simple façade. It started with dismantling toys and reassembling them into new hybrids and later graduating to electronic equipment, all along driving my parents insane. At Games for Seva, I am in my element of deconstructing and deciphering the game mechanics. GFS, has provided me with the tools, platform, and guidance to explore the complex world of game development. Here, I enriched my skills of problem-solving, developing game strategies and the best part was building lasting friendships with my team members. Each one of us had something unique to offer and we all fit in like the pieces of a puzzle.


Mansi Vohra

As an eclectic business enthusiast and creative dreamer, I strive to produce persuasive, yet savvy ideas which will be the next talk of the town. As a constant busy-thinker, my philosophy is that a person’s choice of words, as well as timing of use can make worlds of a difference. Games for Seva has given me the opportunity to combine both personalities, and pursue my strong passion for social change. With this program, I am able to channel the dual culture that is intertwined within me and perfectly convey the honored Indian culture I perceive for the world to see.


Vijay Anand

I am a Syosset high school senior who loves to learn new things and improve on them hands on. Being passionate about finger style guitar, I taught myself by simply looking at guitar tabs online and progressing in song difficulty gradually. I am also very interested in music production and computer programming and would love to pursue a career in the computer world. In Games for Seva, I am trying to raise more awareness about Indian culture as well as growing problems in India hence my involvement in Swach Ganga. With my talents and abilities I hope to make a substantial difference in my community.