Game Design Associates

Aadya Bagul

I believe in the power of imagination to solve our problems, despite the overwhelming crush of the news cycle and world events. Being a high school senior at Herricks school district in Long Island, I have had an intense perspective on the issues of animal rights, race, religion, and social justice. My passion is to support and defend the causes of creatures that have no voice. I see Games for Seva as a pathway to bringing awareness to deep societal problems in an entertaining and enlightening manner.


Abhinuv Allu

You will find me as the type of person who is tinkering with stuff and curious to find the devilish details behind their simple façade. It started with dismantling toys and reassembling them into new hybrids and later graduating to electronic equipment, all along driving my parents insane. At Games for Seva, I am in my element of deconstructing and deciphering the game mechanics. GFS, has provided me with the tools, platform, and guidance to explore the complex world of game development. Here, I enriched my skills of problem-solving, developing game strategies and the best part was building lasting friendships with my team members. Each one of us had something unique to offer and we all fit in like the pieces of a puzzle.


Mansi Vohra

As an eclectic business enthusiast and creative dreamer, I strive to produce persuasive, yet savvy ideas which will be the next talk of the town. As a constant busy-thinker, my philosophy is that a person’s choice of words, as well as timing of use can make worlds of a difference. Games for Seva has given me the opportunity to combine both personalities, and pursue my strong passion for social change. With this program, I am able to channel the dual culture that is intertwined within me and perfectly convey the honored Indian culture I perceive for the world to see.


Vijay Anand

I am a Syosset high school senior who loves to learn new things and improve on them hands on. Being passionate about finger style guitar, I taught myself by simply looking at guitar tabs online and progressing in song difficulty gradually. I am also very interested in music production and computer programming and would love to pursue a career in the computer world. In Games for Seva, I am trying to raise more awareness about Indian culture as well as growing problems in India hence my involvement in Swach Ganga. With my talents and abilities I hope to make a substantial difference in my community.