Ganga Quest-Panchatantra Times

Stage: Production

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Follow a mythical journey up the River Ganga from the Bay of Bengal in search of the missing section of the Panchatantra, a work of wisdom by Vishnu Sarma. Loss of this vital knowledge could turn the tide of history for the next millenium. You can play a role in saving this literature for eons to come. But you have choices to make that could determine the difference between success and failure. Which will it be?

This text based game has been developed using Inklewriter, a premier tool for non-linear storytelling, where the reader’s choices can change the outcome of the story game.

Non Linear Narrative Adventurers: Pranati Patnam & Khushi Shah


Game Concept & Development: Rathi Raja

Story Narrative: Khushi Shah & Pranati Patnam

Game Design using Inklewriter: Pranati Patnam & Khushi Shah