Karma Katch

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Play the Papa~Punya games! Fast paced journey to score points as an Asura or Deva! The cards can be used for dynamic play in dharma debates, deeper discussion on values and role playing. Reveal your Divine(Deva) or Demonic(Asura) qualities! Visit www.gamesforseva.org for Games, Play Ideas and Much More! Each Papa & Punya scenario has been developed by youth to engage in dharmic evaluations.

This game is an offshoot of Karna’s Karma and presentation explores the play of Papa and Punya in one’s life. Click here for  Karna’s Karma Presentation

Inside: 80 Papa and Punya Scenarios

Credits: Concept and Development: Rathi Raja

Card Design: Swathi Anand & Vijay Anand

Card Editors: Mansi Vohra, Eric Guadara, Khushi Shah, Aadya Bagul, Swathi Anand & Vedic Class of 2016 at YICG

Lead Playtesters: Aayush Bagul, Maanuv Allu, Khushi Shah, Vijay Anand, Tulsi Kantu, Diya Shah, Madhu Allu, & Sudha Anand

Playtesters: Aryaman Bahri, Aadya Bagul, Vishy Karuvakkat, Esha Sharma, Suchir Misra, Mansi Vohra

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