Karna’s Karma

Stage: Prototype

In Karna’s Karma, players take control of cards symbolizing the various characteristics of Karna, the tragic hero from The Mahabharata.  Make your way from the beginning to the end of Karna’s journey, all the while gaining Punya or Papa cards for your deeds.  Look out for the power of Boons and Curses! Will you strive to be charitable or resolve to be malicious? This game’s strategy may be different from the last!

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The Stories of Karna are imbued with the dichotomies Karna faced and the choices he acted upon. Often he operated in the gray areas and paid dearly for walking the path of ‘Papa’, against the principles of Dharma. Two of these stories have been animated by Vijay Anand, Abhinuv Allu and Aadya Bagul. Do enjoy these poignant renditions!

Karna & Guru Parashurama – Deceit Always Costs

Karna & his Golden Teeth – Generosity is the Highest Principle

If you are interested in being part of our Beta Test team as a Vedic Heritage teacher please contact us at gamesforseva@gmail.com.


Game Concept & Development: Rathi Raja

Game Design Consultant: Eric Guadara

Game Mechanics & Board Design: Eric Guadara

Graphic Design: Swathi Anand & Vijay Anand

Card Contents & Scenarios: Vedic Class of 2016 at YICG

Card Editors: Mansi Vohra, Eric Guadara, Kushi Shah, Aadya Bagul, & Swathi Anand

Game Booklet Design & Editing: Mansi Vohra & Rathi Raja

Website, Script Writing & Animations: Abhinuv Allu, Vijay Anand, Aadya Bagul

How To Videos: Aarya Agarwal & Aayush Bagul

Lead Playtesters: Aayush Bagul, Maanuv Allu, Khushi Shah, Vijay Anand, Tulsi Kantu, Diya Shah, Madhu Allu, & Sudha Anand

Playtesters: Aryaman Bahri, Aadya Bagul, Vishy Karuvakkat, Esha Sharma, Suchir Misra, Mansi Vohra

Game Sponsors: Sunil & Neeraj Abrol, Vasu and Porsi Balakrishnan