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Inspired by Kamala Subramaniam’s English adaptation of the poem, these Quote Cards contain insightful quotations from the ancient yet timeless Mahabharata characters as they struggle with their own dharmic duties. The Mahabharata reminds us that while the pursuit of dharma is rarely easy or painless, we must strive to act in a way that is dharmic rather than a way that is comfortable. Many games can be played with one deck from short 10 minute rounds to elaborate 45 minute play variants. Each quote also has a contemporary version in language used today.

A sample card from the MahabharActs deck.

One of the two Sanskrit epic poems, the Mahabharata recounts the conflict between the Kaurava and Pandava princesses. Compiled by Sage Vyasa, who is also the scribe of the Vedas, it is considered the longest poem ever written. Beginning with the origin of the two families, the poem follows the lives of the five sons of King Pandu and their bitter rivalry with their cousin Duryodhana, son of King Dhritarashtra. During a rigged game of dice, Yuddhishtra, the oldest Pandava brother, gambles away everything he owns—including himself and his family—to Duryodhana, resulting in the exile of the five Pandava brothers and their wife Draupadi. The Mahabharata chronicles the events and adventures during the Pandava’s exile, eventually culminating in the return of the Pandavas and the brutal Battle of Kurukshetra. Despite their hesitation to fight their own family and friends, the Pandavas eventually defeat the Kauravas with the help and guidance of Lord Krishna.

Game Concept & Development: Rathi Raja & Mansi Vohra
Card Design & Editing: Mansi Vohra
Card Template & Design: Amita Gandhi Shah
Contemporary Quotes: Mansi Vohra & Haarika Reddy
Mahabharata Quote Compilation: Sandhya Ganesan,
Haarika Reddy, Ashwin Viswanathan, Tarini Karwal,
Lavanya Reddy, Vikram Krishnamoorthi, Niranjan
Senthilkumar, & Prajanan Senthilkumar from the Vedic
Class of 2016 at YICG
Rules: Rathi Raja, Mansi Vohra, Haarika Reddy
Game Name: Krish Pamnani
Box Design: Amita Gandhi Shah