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Inspired by Kamala Subramaniam’s English adaptation of the poem, these Quote Cards contain short nuggets of wisdom delivered by the characters throughout their journeys. Although cited from an ancient text, each card speaks a universal truth that is timelessly applicable to all human beings in their pursuit of dharmic duties. Many games can be played with one deck from short 10 minute rounds to elaborate 45 minute play variants. Each quote also has a contemporary version in language used today. Check out the basic play & variants in the deck. A great teaching tool for the family with loads of fun!

A sample card from the RamayanActs deck.

The Ramayana, originally inscribed by Sage Valmiki thousands of years ago, is an ancient Hindu epic chronicling the life and adventures of Lord Rama and his companions. The poem begins in Ayodhya, a land ruled by King Dasharatha, who desperately desires an heir to his kingdom. After performing putra kameshti yagna, or a fire sacrifice, the king is blessed with four sons—Rama, Bharata, and twins Lakshmana and Shatrughna. Although Rama, son of Kausalya, is the rightful heir to the throne, a jealous Kaikeyi requests his exile so that her own son, Bharata, may assume the throne. A heartbroken King Dasharatha, unable to refuse Kaikeyi as he had long ago promised her two boons, reluctantly banishes Rama from Ayodhya for fourteen years. Without protest, Rama, accompanied by his brother Lakshmana and his wife Sita, retreats to the forest to begin his banishment. Most of the events in the Ramayana occur during the time of Rama’s exile, with a major focus on the kidnapping of Sita by the rakshasa King Ravana. With these cards, follow Rama and his allies as they race to save Sita from Ravana’s captivity. Along the way, every character is faced with challenging decisions and trying tasks. During these times, the characters often receive advice from the most steadfast of friends and sometimes, surprisingly, from the most unlikely foes.


Game Concept & Development: Rathi Raja

Card Content Layout & Editing: Haarika Reddy

Card Layout Template Design: Amita Gandhi Shah

Ramayana Quote Compilation: Nandita Desikan, Naome Sajnani, Akshara Ramakrishnan, Ashwin Pallaniappan, Adarsh Rajeev, Rahul Rokkam from the Vedic Class of 2017 at YICG.

Rules: Haarika Reddy

Game Name: Krish Pamnani

Box Design: Amita Gandhi Shah

© 2017 Young Indian Culture Group, Inc.