Ganga~River Rescue

Ganga~River Rescue is a dynamic Eco-Dharma game of chance, strategy and tactics, all aimed at a race to save the Indo-Gangetic Plains Ecosystem through which the mighty river Ganga flows. She is not an ordinary river, but a Goddess of the Land. The 2-4 player game reminds you that you can make a difference by being aware of causes of river pollution and the consequences of taking positive actions. It is a race to save the cities through which Ganga flows. It is a race to save the crops, the trees, the birds and the animals. It is also a race to save the humans impacted. But we humans are the main cause of the disastrous extreme pollution. This is the time to make a life changing impact and save an ancient river and its civilization from self-destruction.

Developing the Game at Arsha Vidya Gurukul – The Ganga~River Rescue Team. A great, supportive environment to do the hard work of design and development! Ganga Team – Aadya Bagul, Abhinuv Allu, Mansi Vohra, Vijay Anand, Madhu Allu, Sudha Anand & Rathi Raja!

Swami Viditatmananda graciously blessing our Ganga Playtest models at the altar of Lord Dakshinamoorthy. Notice the cardboard boxes in the corner! Kumkuma and flowers complete the offering.

Playtest is usually a whole lot of fun and clearly this photo captures the spirit!!